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Meet the hospitality industry.

Welcome to SMACK.

Just like our name, everything we do here is a little different and yet you’ll probably have more fun here than elsewhere. SMACK is a one-of-a-kind hospitality entertainment format with the goal of providing hospitality related content in modern media formats.

Amongst other things we run a hospitality podcast, with which we aim to give everybody around the world the chance to meet key decision makers of the hospitality industry. Chasing that ambitious goal, our hospitality podcast airs twice a month between September and July.

Beyond that you’ll find our other formats here, including our fan-favourites humans of hospitality and Ask me anything. When we embarked on our mission with SMACK at the end of 2019 we had no clue where this journey might lead us – and to this day we still don’t.

So join us, tune in and never ever lose your curiosity.

Enjoy the show!

– The team

Meet the industry with our podcast

Change your game

We love to share our knowledge with dedicated companies and have translated our experiences with SMACK into services. What started out as a side-project has since then turned into an influential hospitality media company that has worked with a variety of hospitality companies.

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Content production

Develop meaningful and entertaining photo and video content.


Create modern and intuitive design elements to support your brand.


Differentiate your marketing approach with modern ideas and concepts.

Podcast production

Use all the tools to create and promote your brand’s podcast.

Meet the industry with Ask me Anything

Quick questions, short answers – meet key decision makers of the hospitality industry in a brand new way. Ask me anything is a 20-question long video format that introduces you to some of the industry’s most relevant people in 180 seconds, while asking all the right questions!

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