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Enjoy the show!

Ladies & Gents!

Glad you are with us as we embark on this journey towards delivering entertaining and relevant hospitality content. Everything we will do on SMACK will be geared towards providing a completely new idea of media & news entertainment to the hospitality industry by providing informative, fun and modern formats. Everything we do evolves around content that is meaningful and entertaining to the hospitality industry and all its players. The one thing we can promise is that we no doubt will have fun together: we pride ourselves in having the worst humour in hospitality (probably), but at least we have some! On top of that we are shameless enough to publicly display this humour – a combination that is almost certainly doomed for hilarious disasters left and right. Oh well, nobody said this was going to be easy!

Too many people contributed to SMACK getting up and running, so we will refrain from listing them all here and instead buy all of them a beer in person – a big one too! Needless to say it is by far not only the people behind the microphone or in front of the camera that played a key part in what we have created, but also the countless hours put in by the team behind the scenes. We hope you’ll have fun with us along the way, we have no clue where it will head but are thrilled that things have finally gotten started – thank you for tagging along!

Enjoy the show!

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