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We hate boredom, so everything we do here is geared towards providing entertaining and informative digital content around the world of hospitality. Feel free to hang around and explore some of our content on podcasts, Instagram or LinkedIn. Let us know if you enjoy what you find and we’ll continue to work hard on delivering all the good stuff you like.

Meet the team

On a mission to bring you the most fun and relevant international hospitality content these people never sleep and travel the globe for their mission. Their motivation for SMACK is unparalleled and they’ll always be reachable for you if you’d like a word.

SMACK Hospitality Media | Patrizia Zueck
Patrizia Zueck
Podcast Host
SMACK Hospitality Media | Fritz Dickamp
Fritz Dickamp
Podcast Host
SMACK Hospitality Media | Larissa San
Larissa San
Junior Operations Coordinator
SMACK Hospitality Media | Florian Montag
Florian Montag
Podcast Host
SMACK Hospitality Media | Isabella Domenig
Isabella Domenig
Junior Operations Coordinator
SMACK Hospitality Media | Arne Tamm
Nils-Arne Tamm
Podcast Producer
SMACK Hospitality Media | Philip Ibrahim
Philip Ibrahim
Podcast Host
The power of content...
Everything we do here at SMACK is geared to providing entertainment pertinent to hospitality. We’d love for you to join us on our ride through the industry.
Fritz Dickamp | Host
Friends & Partners

Credit where credit is due. Nothing here at SMACK would be possible without the support of our friends and partners that have mostly been with us from the very beginning. There is always room for more partners to work with us, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to hear about the options of getting involved with SMACK.

Studio 49 | SMACK Hospitality Media
SMACK Hospitality Media | The Social Hub Berlin
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