SMACK Hospitality Media
SMACK Season 4
These 4 cuties have a message for you! 👀 Patrizia, Philip, Florian and Fritz have agreed to run it back as the hosts on SMACK for another season of #smackstories and quality #hospitality entertainment - season 4 starts September 1st 2022! It'll bring brand new and even more #international podcast episodes,...
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SMACK Hospitality Media | Hotelier des Jahres 2022 | Caroline von Kretschmann
Dr. Caroline von Kretschmann – Hotelier des Jahres 2022
Once again the Hotelier of the year was awarded and we were on board as well! This time, the dfv Mediengruppe and ahgz thought of something special, therefore the ceremony was held in the Europapark Rust. We took the opportunity...
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SMACK Hospitality Media | Season 3
SMACK Season 3
Crazy news from the SMACK factory! All of your favourite hospitality hosts have confirmed to be back for more in the upcoming season 3, starting September 1st 🚀 On a scale from 1 to "hell yeah", how much faith do you...
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Deutscher Hotelkongress 2021 | SMACK Hospitality Media | Hotelier des Jahres | Alexander Aisenbrey | Der Ă–schberghof
Alexander Aisenbrey – Hotelier des Jahres 2021
Winning any award is a special achievement, becoming "Hotelier des Jahres" in Germany awarded by the dfv Mediengruppe is a once in a lifetime experience. Alexander Aisenbrey is certainly not your average hotelier and the achievements he has accomplished over...
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