Here’s a selection of our services including examples of how we help business succeed online. All of our partnerships are geared towards making the hospitality business a more entertaining place, showing all of its facets and never losing our sense of humour. Any business enquiries can be related to – we’ll get back to you with our ideas and concepts.


We know everything about creating unique video content that stands out.


A video should be much more than just a couple of moving images after eachother. We don’t think of ourselves as videographers, we think of ourselves as storytellers – and in today’s world stories are best told with videos. Here’s our promise to making nothing short of the very best out of your story.

Say it loud.

Let’s make sure the best moments of your event are captured in an engaging and memorable way. Our experience with events of all shapes and sizes will benefit you in all aspects of the creation process.

Say it different.

Your brand, your story, your video. We love staging your story and showing the world what it is you stand for. Our image videos represent the right mix of modernity and innovation.

Say it high.

Aerial shots add a certain modernity to any collection of photos or videos. Whether it’s high above your resort or right up your building’s facade, don’t worry about the administrative side behind drone flights, we’ve got you covered.

Say it cool.

Using the newest and most recent developments in the area of videography will give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition. We produce state of the art Virtual Reality tours and 360° photo- and videoshots that will preview your business or event in high-definition 3D.


We love partnering with key hospitality events and making them a little more fun.


We make events memorable! When you spend hours, days and weeks to prepare an event there is no greater satisfaction then people remembering your event thereafter. Let us add just the right elements to your event to turn them from “good” to “flipping amazing”.


Let’s make your online conference or your live-broadcast a little more cool than usual.

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